Workout: Fast Burning Arms

Most people tell me that their main reason for not working out, is lack of time! Well, no more using that excuse, because today we move through a 4 exercise routine in less than 20 minutes!

Grab your weights and join me for a great arm workout during commercial breaks, on your lunch hour, while dinner is in the oven, or while your baby is down for a nap!

Enjoy your Continue reading

NEW Workout: HIIT #2

For this workout we are working that entire bod in just 18 minutes!

We go through three circuits of two exercises each for three rounds total! We do 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. We begin with some cardio and legs for the first circuit, then we move to the floor for some core work, then finish it off with some arms and some extra leg love!

Get ready to SWEAT!! Our heart rates are up this Continue reading

NEW Friday Tip: Commercial Break Workout

So you’re sitting there, watching your favorite show and the commercials begin… You either pick up your phone, start a conversation, or sit there and just mindlessly watch them.

But that time in a show equals about 8-15 minutes depending on the length of the show… Which is time that is technically just being wasted!

So why not get in a quick workout in this time?!

Today I’m Continue reading

NEW Workout: Core #2 ~ 10 Minute Abs

Don’t have time? Well babe, I’ve got you covered!

Join me for this 10 MINUTE ab workout that will work your ENTIRE core just in time for you to get back to your busy schedule!

This way you STILL get your workout in and will be running high off endorphins to keep you energized, happy, and motivated for the rest of your day…. even though you were Continue reading

Workout: Lower Body #2

Welcome back for another lower body routine designed by me, your trainer, Jasper Stamey!

This week we run together through a lower body workout with an emphasis on your glutes! We start with a little cardio warm up to get that blood pumping and your heart rate up! We then move through 2 rounds of a 7 exercise routine that consists of squats, leg lifts, and some fire hydrants for some added inner thigh love! We finish off together with a cool down to lower our heart rates back down Continue reading

NEW Workout: Upper Body #2

Join me for my second arm routine in my workout series!!

For this workout I am joining you from Usery Mountain State Park here in Phoenix, AZ where we get our workout on in UNDER 30 minutes! I take you through a quick warm up, followed by a 6 exercise routine, then a quick cool down! We perform each exercise for 45 seconds for 3 rounds total.

Grab your weights, a mat, some water, and your beautiful self and join me for the next half hour while we do something GOOD for our bodies! Continue reading

Workout: 10 Minute Full Body

It’s Monday and that means I have a brand NEW workout for you!!

I designed this workout to cover your full body in just 10 MINUTES! It’s the perfect workout for when you just don’t have the time to complete a full workout, but still need to do something good for your body. Whether you’re on lunch break at work, cooking dinner, or only have a little bit of time before your baby wakes up, this workout is Continue reading

Workout: HIIT #1

For today’s workout we are doing a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine! I take you through 3  2 exercise circuits, at 30 seconds on – 30 seconds off, for three rounds total! We’re gonna get your heart rate up as quick as we can so we can get you movin’ on with the rest of your day feeling MOTIVATED and CONFIDENT!

HIIT is one of my all time favorite ways to workout because it’s quick yet effective. You can incorporate any move into a HIIT routine as long as you go as hard as you can and as fast as you can. You’re not gonna need any equipment for this routine, just your body, some water, and Continue reading

Workout: Core #1

Are you ready to get working on your six pack? Because in this weeks video, we TACKLE the core. We go through 16 EXERCISES for a total of 60 seconds each! I know, it sounds crazy, but bear with me on this one. I promise the pay off from this workout will be SO worth it! I was feeling AMAZING the next day after filming this.

We filmed this video on the Lower Salt River in the Tonto National Forest here in Phoenix, AZ. We were even lucky enough to find a beautiful opening in the brush for a PERFECT view of Red Mountain. Not only will this workout get you Continue reading

Workout: Lower Body #1

My first ever lower body workout is HERE!

This workout is one of my favorites for many reasons (I mean, who doesn’t love a good booty workout?), but one especially is the LOCATION! We filmed this right outside the Superstition Mountains in Arizona which are one of my FAVORITE places to hike! Just on the other side of the mountain range hides something incredibly special, so if you ever get the chance to hike these mountains, I recommend the Continue reading