NEW Friday Tip: Commercial Break Workout

So you’re sitting there, watching your favorite show and the commercials begin… You either pick up your phone, start a conversation, or sit there and just mindlessly watch them.

But that time in a show equals about 8-15 minutes depending on the length of the show… Which is time that is technically just being wasted!

So why not get in a quick workout in this time?!

Today I’m Continue reading

Make This Recipe With Items You Already Have

No need to run to the store tonight, I’ve got you covered with what I like to call,

“Clean Out the Fridge Chili!”

Make this recipe with items you ALREADY HAVE in your kitchen!

This plant based chili is easy to make and filled with ingredients that will leave your body happy and satisfied. Not to mention it’s SO TASTY!

PLUS, I’m right beside you for this one all the way through the recipe! Have this video playing while you cook and it’s like we’re cooking together in the same kitchen like I wish we Continue reading

Friday Tip: 6 Ways to Use Resistance Bands

There are many reasons to LOVE resistance bands.

Which are also the reasons why you should have one packed in your bag at ALL times!

Watch the video below to learn why resistance bands are so great, PLUS stick around to the end of the video where I give you 6 different exercises that you can do using them!

Also, I created a downloadable PDF version of the ENTIRE video that you can download Continue reading

5 Tips For A Better Butt

Watch the video below to get my 5 Tips for a Better Butt!

Plus, stay tuned till the end of the video where I give you 5 exercises that directly target your glutes! Sprinkle these moves into your weekly routine and you’re sure to see results in no time!

Also, I made a PDF version of this video where I’ve included these tips PLUS the 5 exercises! Continue reading