NEW Recipe: Chopped Rainbow Salad w/ Sesame Dressing

Since realizing I needed to up my daily nutrient intake, I decided to incorporate a salad into my daily meal plan. Either for lunch or dinner depending on how hungry I am at lunchtime. Doing this has seriously changed my life. Getting a variety of color, vitamins, and minerals in one big tasty bowl is where it’s at!

Each week when I meal prep, I always Read more

NEW Blog: BUST Through Your Fears

Unfortunately, so many people are living unhappily in their day to day lives, just going through the motions, settling for good instead of great, and playing it “safe” because they’re worried of the failure that might come along with trying.

You see when it comes to big dreams, we’ll say we’re going to change, we’ll say we’re going to work at it

“Tomorrow is the day!”
“Monday is a fresh start!”

But for some reason self doubt jumps in and prevents Read more

NEW Workout: Fast Burning Arms

Most people tell me that their main reason for not working out, is lack of time! Well, no more using that excuse, because today we move through a 4 exercise routine in less than 20 minutes!

Grab your weights and join me for a great arm workout during commercial breaks, on your lunch hour, while dinner is in the oven, or while your baby is down for a nap!

Enjoy your Read more

NEW Blog: Comparing Ourselves to Others

In a time when social media is at it’s peak, our views into people’s “lives” has become easier than ever to see. The problem with this though, is that we are only ever really seeing the glamorous side to their lives.

I’ve been guilty of this my entire life. From from my richer, skinnier, prettier friends growing up, to my family constantly comparing me to other people, to the fact that I was just…. different. As much as I’d love to blame my self consciousness on all these factors, I know well enough now to see that it’s just a character flaw no less than Read more

NEW Recipe: Rice Cooker Spanish Style Quinoa

I’m not sure why I’m just now creating this recipe ~ as Spanish style rice is my weakness. But I almost never have it because most recipes have chicken stock or loads of sodium. And with living in the van, it’s always been difficult to make rice as it uses a TON of propane which can be expensive. But recently my mother in law gifted us with a rice cooker! MY SAVIOR! Read more

NEW Blog: Why Loving Yourself Must Come First

Loving yourself is the very first step in confidence. But loving yourself takes commitment. It takes caring for your health, giving yourself the attention you deserve, and making sure your needs are met… All of these things achieved together will produce a happier, healthier you. Which in turn will give you the confidence and energy you need to make the correct decisions for yourself, your future, and Read more