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Be Confidently You was created from a dream to help people from all over discover self love. After struggling with self doubt, depression, and anxiety her entire life, Jasper finally committed to searching for the happiness and confidence she had always craved. She spent years researching different methods and gaining the tools necessary to start living her best life. Ridding herself of old stories she told herself and embracing new daily rituals that sparked a fresh sense of gratitude for herself. Over time, confidence began to trickle it’s way into her life and that negative voice in her head slowly became a faint whisper. For the very first time in her life, she understood the quote, “You must love yourself first”. It wasn’t about the way she LOOKED… It was about how she THOUGHT about herself. Jasper had cracked open the door to an abundance of happiness with a simple mind shift.

When she took a look around her though, she noticed she wasn’t alone. She was surrounded by women constantly beating up on themselves. Calling themselves names like “fat” and “ugly”… remembering how she felt when she was calling herself these horrible things. Jasper realized that the world was plagued by people thinking they “weren’t good enough”. That they had to be a certain height, a certain weight, a certain skin tone…. That they couldn’t just be THEMSELVES. Even the people who seemed to “have it all” weren’t happy with who they were.

Her connection to her soul became so strong that she quickly realized what her true life’s dharma is:

To help women overcome their fears, be freed of their inner critic, and take action toward a life of living confidently not only in their skin, but in their MIND as well.

Thus, Be Confidently You was created.  A platform to help women work on their physical health AND their mental health. Because what good is BEING fit if you don’t BELIEVE your fit? What good is being HEALTHY if you’re not HAPPY?

The first step into jump starting your life of confidence is to take my FREE 30 Day Challenge “CONFIDENCE: 30 Ways in 30 Days” which you can download HERE. This guide will provide you with necessary tools that you can start incorporating into your daily life to help you discover self love. Did I mention it’s completely free?


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What You'll Find on Be Confidently You


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First off, if you haven’t read my Letter to the Girl Letting Fear Control Her Life, please stop what you’re doing and go read it. I wrote that letter from my heart, to every person struggling with fear, in hopes of lighting a fire in them to begin conquer their fears one by one.

Now, I definitely get into a lot of personal details about my life, but I wanted to be truly honest with you about my past and where I come from. It’s all of my hardships that lead me to the beautiful life I have now and I’m grateful for every single one of them.

When I was just nine years old, my parents were going through a bad divorce. There was a lot of fighting, a tremendous amount of tears, and kids having to choose sides over mom and dad. Followed by mom moving out and us going back and fourth between households. Which is all very confusing for 2 kids as many people would know. But then, about a month into all of this, tragedy struck our family very suddenly. My mom was involved in a car accident that ended her life. Once again, a very confusing thing for 2 kids to understand. We then immediately moved into our grandparents house while my dad sold the house, got rid of all of our belongings, and gave away our pets, all while we were changing schools and getting used to a completely different life. I was much too little to fully comprehend the situation we were in so I kind of adjusted quickly. It wasn’t until I was about 11 before things started to take a turn for the worst. I had gained a lot of weight, which of course caused kids to make fun of me, and my dad started to drift away not knowing how to deal with the death of his wife. After another year or so, he had gone from every weekend, to every other weekend, to once a month, to holidays, to nothing. And that for a eleven year old daddy’s girl was heart shattering.

I began to feel unwanted and going through puberty and dealing with boys didn’t make for a good concoction. I stopped loving myself because I felt if my mom and dad couldn’t love me then why would anyone else? I turned to self harm and eating disorders by the time I was TWELVE. A lot of getting into trouble, smoking, drugs, drinking, and physically abusive boyfriends followed suite… I was a lost teen looking for happiness anywhere I could find it. My grandparents had hit the point of not knowing what to do with me when I ran away at 15 to be with my 20 year old abusive boyfriend (OUCH). With my dad no where around they were forced to make a decision to save my life or let me rot away. Their decision: to send me away to a boarding school in the middle of Death Valley.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, and no, it was NOT Zoey 101 (If you don’t get the reference, it was a show about kids at a really cool boarding school where they lived in dorms and had freedom to do whatever they wanted). It was a correctional facility. It was a no talking to friends or family, no make up, hair up 24/7, permission to stand, permission to speak, line structure, uniforms, daily schedule, no boys allowed type place. You got points everyday based on your performance, you started at level one and had to work up to level six to graduate, you got “consequences” ranging from 1-5 where you lost points and had to write an essay of your accountability, you went through seven 3-day self help seminars, and high school was just online and you went at your own pace. Meaning, if you graduated high school, you did not graduate the program. And I was there… for FIFTEEN months.

Now, this program did help me in the grand scheme of things because I did come back a better person, but it hindered me as well. I missed the rest of my high school experience. I missed the dances, the football games, the parties, all of it. So when I came home at 17, my friends were in their senior year and I was off to college. I had lost touch with many people, driving my social skills and confidence into a deep hole. I had gained a ton of weight, I had the belief that many of the people I knew were “bad” people because I had been brainwashed, and I couldn’t really communicate with others well which caused me to be lonely and quickly lose even more love for myself. Which then developed into major anxiety.

I eventually got into an unhealthy relationship that caused me to gain 50 lbs in a very short time. I didn’t love myself, I stopped working, I lost my temper, I was controlling, and my drive for anything had gone down the drain. I’m not sure what it was about this relationship that caused this, but i believe it had a lot to do with the onset of anxiety. I was poor, naturally because I didn’t work, so I began eating breakfast, lunch, AND dinner at fast food places. I drank Dr. Pepper like it was water and legitimately didn’t drink any water. I’d sit in bed all day covered in In N Out and then wake up feeling sick EVERY SINGLE MORNING to the point where people stopped inviting me to do things because I held them up everyday. Props to the boyfriend who was living with me at the time cause, because of my insecurities, I was a mean controlling person. It wasn’t until a year and a half into this relationship that I discovered that my personality change had to do with the way I was living. I slowly started to drink water again, started to exercise, tried to eat better, started a workout program, and eventually moved cities because I felt so stuck where I was. But there was still something holding me back: my relationship. We had been so lost for so long with each other that we were only together because it was comfortable. I knew that if I wanted to change completely that I needed to get rid of everything that was holding me back. So on January 1st (ironic, right?) I ended the relationship and began my real journey toward confidence.

It’s been almost three years since then as I write this. And since, I’ve embarked on the self help journey of a lifetime. I finally found LOVE for myself, I lost 50 lbs, I discovered my obsession with fitness, I love to cook, I’m on the path to my spiritual awakening, I’ve gotten married, and I’ve moved into a van with my husband and my two dogs to pursue our dreams of traveling the country and starting this business. How did I accomplish all of this you ask? By shoving fear out of my way, by exercising consistently, by eating healthy foods, by listening to podcasts, by doing research, by reading self help books, and BY JUST FREAKING DOING IT. And in return, I found happiness. Pure unadulterated happiness.

So why am I here? The purpose of Be Confidently You is to provide you with all of these tools that I’ve learned overtime to send my life into success. I want to help you discover the confidence and self love you need to live the life of your dreams. Because achieving success isn’t about what you DO, it’s about how you THINK. So no matter what it is that you dream of, I want to assist you in making those dreams come true. With exercise, developing healthy habits, eating whole foods, and daily mental training, you can discover the energy, the drive, and the tools necessary to change your life and propel you into confidence.