3 Ways to Get Your Motivation Back

Don’t fret, friend. We’ve ALL been there.


You find something you want to change. Get really excited. Plan everything out in your planner. Go to sleep early. Wake up PUMPED on Monday ~ ready to succeed. This feeling continues for a few days, maybe even a week or two.

But of course, one thing happens that delays your goals a day.

Then another thing happens.

I’ll restart tomorrow” you say to yourself.

Tomorrow comes and maybe you feel tired, beat down.

“Monday is a new week, I’m gonna kick ass then and rest now”

Monday comes and you have every intention of jumping back on the horse, but alas, your new goals prove too difficult to achieve with your schedule.

LIFE happens and old habits creep their way back in.

We enjoy the comfort of their embrace.

And eventually, forget about the reason we started.

But the real secret to achieving new goals and creating a new lifestyle is this….

It’s not about how hard you fall, it’s about how you pick yourself back up.

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The ground is always there ~ to support you in weak times, to be there if you fall down, to provide a sturdy foundation for you to build upon.

But if you stay down for too long, you become stagnant.

And even water becomes deadly when stagnant.

So, how do you get up when you feel like you’ve got nothing left in you?

I’m here to share with you my top 3 ways that I personally get my motivation back after falling off course. Because I too lose track at times, but I ALWAYS come back. Because I remember how important my happiness is and I’m not willing to completely give up on myself.

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1. Turn to a Friend/Support Group

No one can do anything alone. Nor should they have to. When you’re trying to do everything yourself or change your habits without the help of anyone, you’re 100% more likely to fail. Being alone is, well… lonely. But if you have people by your side who are constantly reminding you of your goals and telling you that you CAN ~ then you’re more likely to believe it. Get your friend to text you daily, join an online community, maybe even go to in person support groups. When you see that other people in the same boat as you are DOING it for themselves, it gives you the CONFIDENCE you need to do it for YOURSELF. Others can give you tips, tools, and support along the way which will give you a better chance at succeeding.

friends jump

2. Take Baby Steps

I’ve been guilty of not taking this advice one too many times. There are so many things I want to accomplish, so many goals I have. I try to change EVERYTHING at once which in the end leaves me feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. To the point that I never actually accomplish ANY of my goals because I’m like “Maybe I should read that book, but I haven’t finished that one yet so I shouldn’t read this new one, but I’m not really in the mood to finish that one”…. So I end up never reading EITHER of them! SMH… Or I want to take that course, but I have to do this course first, but that one is going to take all year and I don’t want to wait that long to start this new one…. So I never end up taking either course and that year went by anyway!

Sound like you?

Maybe you want to lose 10 lbs… So you decide that you’re going to workout 5 times a week (even though you’ve never worked out before) and you’re going to meal prep every week (but how do you even meal prep!?) and you’re going to cut out coffee (how exactly does one study all day without coffee!!??) but you’re school load this semester is bigger than it has EVER been before and you end up feeling too overwhelmed because you never have time to meal prep or workout and you are constantly eating out and you’re falling asleep in your books without that coffee that you’ve been drinking your entire life!!!


So….. BABY STEPS. Maybe try working out ONE day this week. Just ONE. For 30 minutes. Maybe try drinking a Tall latte instead of the Venti one you normally order. Maybe try just cutting up a few veggies so they’re ready to be cooked whenever you need them this week. See if you can succeed at this FIRST. Then work off those successes! Work WEEK BY WEEK. When you jump into too many changes at once, you’re body is GOING to freak out and send you into failure. Start small and work your way up, like you would do with ANYTHING in your life.


3. Work in Daily Inspiration

Once again, GUILTY!! On the days when I wake up and read some pages from an inspirational book, or listen to a self help podcast, or scroll through some motivational blogs… I feel like I can do ANYTHING! There are so many times I’ve been listening to or reading something and it HITS me. I’m like….. OH MY GOSH HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN IT THAT WAY BEFORE! I’ve received so many tools just from paying attention to what others are throwing out there. When I hear that someone else has gone through hardships and came out on top, it helps me believe that I can do it too!

Then, on days that I DON’T do this… I feel down. I don’t have that extra motivation. It’s funny cause at the end of the day I’ll be asking myself why I felt so “off” that day and I realize it’s because I didn’t listen to my usual podcast or read anything.

Work some sort of motivation into your day, EVERY DAY!! You never know what you might discover that could give you the push you needed to get in that workout, or eat a little healthier, or make that decision at work, or decide to quit smoking, or put away a little extra money, or book that vacation that you’ve been wanting, but are too scared to spend the money…. I PROMISE you, this will help.



What will you do TODAY to help get back your motivation?


Loving you, (1)

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