Practicing Short Term Discipline for Long Term Pleasure

Ask yourself this one question:

Are you willing to trade in short term pleasures for long term happiness?

Because this is the exact recipe you need in order to accomplish your goals.


This is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people are willing to give up things that give them short term pleasure because they would rather have long term pleasure. They are willing to give up that random night out with friends to stay home and work on themselves because they know it will pay off for them in the end. They are willing to accept FOMO in exchange for a better self.  They know that when they are taking care of themselves ~ they will perform better in all aspects of their life including their work, relationships, and could even become a better parent.

They choose self improvement over short term pleasure.

In the grand scheme of things, what is more important to you? Those foods and drinks? Or personal greatness? I know I choose personal greatness a million times over food and drinks. I know deep down in my heart, that no amount of fried foods or cake can replace the feeling I have after I’m done with a workout. Or the satisfaction I have before bed knowing I am living up to my life’s purpose. Be Confidently You wouldn’t be here if I had continued to live a life filled with short term pleasures.

I would’ve never found the confidence in myself to pursue this dream ~ nor the energy.

I get told all the time on the road, “I can never bring myself to workout while I travel” or they ask, “how do you have the motivation to workout on the road?”. To these things I say, “I just know I am more important than having fun ALL of the time”. Even though I am surrounded daily with new adventures to go on, new friends to see, and new people to meet, I still make a conscious effort to take time out for ME. It’s tough though sometimes because when we visit friends ~ everyone wants to go out drinking because it’s a special night out since we don’t see each other very often. But what a lot of people don’t understand that while yes, for them this is a once in a blue moon event, for me it’s like that everyday – just with different people.

If I said yes to every person to go out drinking or yes to when they say “well what’s one day of missing a workout so we can hang out”, then I’d be drinking all day every day and never working out or bettering myself. The thing to remember is it’s not about them, it’s about doing it for YOU. Sticking to your schedule is so incredibly important not only for your goals, but for your body as well. We THRIVE on doing the same thing at the same time everyday. Doing this ensures our bodies are performing at optimum levels so we have energy for our workout PLUS everything else the day is going to throw at us… Because the Universe only knows what kind of crazy shit is gonna happen out of no where!!


Traveling is like the main event of short term pleasure. So many people give up their normal eating, sleeping, and exercising schedule while gone. But we all know how hard it is to get back on track after making poor food decisions and not exercising. This is when people fall off the wagon the most. They get home and need a day of “rest” from their vacation and before they know it it’s been weeks and they haven’t moved their body once ~ only to lose all motivation and eventually have to start back over. When if we’d just adjust our travel schedules to our regular schedules, we’d come back from vacation in the full swing of things and never miss a beat. At least if you’re going to be eating differently, which is totally normal and OKAY while on vacation, stick with your exercise schedule and don’t eat poorly for EVERY single meal!

This way your short term pleasures with ALIGN with your long term goals.

So again, ask yourself the question:

Are you willing to trade in short term pleasures for long term happiness?

Are you willing to put YOU first?

Are you willing to say “no” now, to say “HELL YES” later?

If the answer to these questions is yes…

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Loving you, (1)

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