Best Crystals for CONFIDENCE

Confidence is something that most people struggle with. Whether it be in ourselves, our creativity, our work, or in our relationships ~ lacking confidence in any area of our lives can cause hardship. It may leave us unable to confront someone, afraid to move forward in our aspirations, or alone in a time of need. Many of us have a hard time believing in ourselves and Aour abilities ~ making it difficult to try new things or take risks. We may even get stuck down a hole of comparison to others and bring shame onto a life we actually enjoy.

Though it may seem impossible to overcome our self doubt ~ trust that there are ways to shift ourselves into confidence so that we may begin to flourish. One of the ways that has been exceptionally beneficial to me is working with crystals. 


Crystals can be used in many forms of healing, both mentally and physically. They can be powerful allies when in search of personal growth. When searching for crystals to improve confidence, it’s typically best to search for ones in a yellow color. Yellow is the color that represents the Solar Plexus Chakra which is the center of our strength, will power, self esteem, discipline, and forming our personal opinions and beliefs. So utilizing crystals that help bring balance to the Solar Plexus Chakra will in turn enhance our confidence.

12931904 - the solar plexus chakra

Whenever you’re feeling afraid, having doubts about yourself, or are comparing yourself to other people ~ simply grab one of the crystals below and begin your work. Confidence is not something that is gained in a day ~ a week ~ or even a year. It is something that must be worked on and healed, just as you would when building a muscle. When you combine determination, intention, and consistency ~ you will eventually find the self love that you have been searching for.


A few ways to use these crystals to improve your confidence are:

1 – Meditate with it

While meditating, hold it in your giving (dominant) hand. You can even lie down and place it directly over your Solar Plexus Chakra which is located around the navel.

2 – Mental picture with a mantra

Sit down with your crystal in your giving hand. Close your eyes and imagine yourself looking at another one of you ~ only they are standing in front of you with a glowing yellow aura so bright that it is surrounding you as well. Stare into their eyes and see them with all of your unique imperfections. Look at how beautiful they are. Reach out and hug them ~ squeeze them with all of your mite. Feel the warm comforting embrace of yourself. Tell them that they are beautiful, strong, and empowered. That they’re flaws are all imaginary and that you are here to rid them of their negative self talk. Say out loud,

“I am enough. I have the ability to go after whatever my heart desires. I own the confidence to make my dreams come true ~ no matter how big. I am fearless.”

3 – Keep it in your bag/bra/pocket/jewlery

Just by wearing your crystals, you absorb there healing energies while you’re just going about your day. Talk about a win-win!

4 – Place it in your home/bedroom/office

Your goal is to be around your crystals energy as much as you can so that you may always be healing. Place these in around your living room, office, or bedroom and feel yourself radiating with confidence.

Below I’ve listed the best crystals to use when building CONFIDENCE!

ACS_0099 (1)

4 Tips to Live Your Best Life (5)

Yellow Jasper


My personal favorite stone to use for building self confidence ~ can you guess why?! 😉 I wear it in my necklace, my ring, and even my bracelets! It has been used for many centuries as a stone of protection. It has the ability to shield feelings of jealousy, as well as protect you from your own self consciousness and worry of what others are thinking. It offers support and self discipline ~ making it a great stone for shifting into a new goal or project that feels uncomfortable to you.



Golden like the Sun, Citrine mirrors the abilities of our provider of li(fe)ght. Offering vitality, energy, and positivity. It balances emotions like depression, self doubt, and fear to bring about confidence, creativity, and self expression. It’s top healing property is to aid in manifestation ~ a wonderful ability when working with new goals as our lack of self confidence often overshadows our dreams, making manifesting them that much more difficult.

Yellow Tigers Eye


Tigers Eye has been known as the all-seeing eye since ancient times. Thought to give it’s wearer the ability to observe all. This stone has been linked to emotional balance ~ with the ability to bring clarity to scattered thoughts and allow for rationale thinking. This works well when dealing with confidence as it’s typically our own mind that is the one bringing doubt and false stories. It stimulates optimism, creativity, and worth so that we may overcome our blocks and recognize our own abilities.

Rose Quartz


Though not yellow in color, Rose Quartz is not a stone to forget in this category ~ for it is the stone of love. Love for others as well as love for ourselves. It promotes the ability to open up our conscious mind to see situations from another point of view, in other words, empathy. It also promotes forgiveness, understanding, and compassion ~ all wonderful traits to possess for yourself and for others. It will help you to heal old wounds of the heart by cleansing you of fear, jealousy, and suspicion so that you may move on and trust again.

Loving you, (1)

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