BUST Through Your Fears

Unfortunately, so many people are living unhappily in their day to day lives, just going through the motions, settling for good instead of great, and playing it “safe” because they’re worried of the failure that might come along with trying.

You see when it comes to big dreams, we’ll say we’re going to change, we’ll say we’re going to work at it

“Tomorrow is the day!”
“Monday is a fresh start!”

But for some reason self doubt jumps in and prevents us from actually doing anything about it. Or we might make a tiny mistake and throw it all away for the day. And then Tuesday rolls around and we’ll tell ourselves we’re too busy.. too tired.. don’t feel good.. And tomorrow becomes next week, next week becomes next month.. excuse after excuse is made and before we know it it’s been years and we haven’t done a single thing about it.

Raise your hand if that sounds familiar? (don’t worry I’m raising mine over here too!)

Now, what’s interesting about that is ~ fear is the driving force holding us back from making our dreams come true. And what most people don’t realize, is it comes in the form of excuses. Which in turn creates self sabotage. Because the more excuses we make, the less we do to better ourselves, and the more unsure of ourselves we become.

So the more we put off reading, working out, writing blogs, learning new things, designing, whatever it is your goals may be ~ the less we proof we have of our capabilities, the less confidence we have in our craft. And of course the less confidence we have, the less likely we are to make different decisions for our future and instead of moving forward and gaining more knowledge, we’ll stay comfortable where we are and never grow. It’s this endless vicious cycle that will always start with fear.

I get it, change is scary. Putting all of your eggs into one unstable basket can be intimidating. You may question your abilities. You may be scared about what other people might say. You might worry about losing everything. You may even tell yourself its already been done, so why even try?

Well I’ll tell you why… because you DESERVE to be happy. You deserve to do the things you love regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. You deserve to wake up every day fulfilled to know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. You deserve to try.

You deserve to be YOU!

Now, It’s not about never feeling the fear. Because EVERYONE, even the biggest names in history have felt fear, even the person you look up to the most in your field still has fear. But it’s about putting yourself first DESPITE feeling fear. It’s about throwing out your excuses, and just DOING it. It’s about acknowledging the fear, but not letting it control your decisions.

And If you’re thinking, “but what if I fail?”

Let me stop you there… because what if we changed the question to “WHAT IF I SUCCEED?!”

What if instead of saying “I can’t“, you said “I can!!”

What if you are able to change your life? What if you are able to better the lives of your family?? What if you’re able to change the lives of OTHERS!

What if you get to make a living by doing what you love!?

I mean THAT “what if” in particular should trump all the other “what ifs” by a million!

In order for you to succeed at this though.. you must first ACT. Because without action, there is no progress, and without progress, there can be no success.

And in the end you must overcome fear first in order to act.

Okay first things first on your action list
and I want you to do this RIGHT NOW: write it out! Grab that calendar and schedule in your dreams. Because if you don’t, then your excuses will fill your schedule instead.

So start with your end goal, and work backwards. What small thing can I do today that gets me one step closer to my goal.? And you can make time for this by simply replacing your bad habits with one good habit. Instead of watching tv, get in a workout! Instead of sitting on social media, do some research! Instead of going to happy hour, build your website!

And you must actually do it! Its the same with any field, you must PRACTICE to reach your best! The more you practice mastering your fears, the better you will get at it.

The more you believe you can, the more you actually can!

And It’s gonna be hard guys. There will be days you don’t want too. There will be times where you see no tangible progress so you’ll want to throw in the towel. There will be days where that night out may seem more important than staying home to study…

But if you can just postpone that sense of happiness for a little while, the long term outcome will be so damn satisfying!

You see that’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people… they know discipline. They’re willing to let go of things that don’t serve them positively in order to gain self satisfaction. They’re willing to hit their fears head on because they know it’s the only way to make their dreams come true.

And I promise you that if you just DO, then you will find some form of success. Whether it’s self fulfillment or financial freedom or anything! You will find it if you work hard enough. But you have to be willing to step forward passed your self limiting beliefs first.

Loving you, (1)

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