NEW Blog: How to Live Your Best Life

“I’m living my best life”

If you’ve yet to hear this quote, I’m not sure where you’ve been. But it was recently populized by the Cardi B and Chance the Rapper song “Best Life”.

Everywhere I’ve looked lately, I see this quote. On captions of pictures, statuses on Facebook, texts from friends, and I hear it at least 20 times a day. Normally, a quote like this would eventually start to feel old and annoying. In the same realm as “yolo”, “started from the bottom now we here”, or “no new friends” (I guess you could say Drake has really made an impact on our lives!). But this quote in particular ~ I’m fully on board for, no matter how many times I hear it.

Because what’s amazing about this quote is that every time I see or hear it, I can’t help but feel so happy inside for whoever is using it. How cool is it that SO MANY people are truly living their best life!? We are living in such an incredible time right now. Yes, we are in a crazy time not only in America, but in the entire world. But this crazy time has lead to powerful changes.

It’s made the majority of people WAKE UP and say “NO. We will not stand for this. We will not sit around any longer just going through the motions. We must stand together and create a shift in society.”

And create a shift we have.

Not only a shift in basic human rights, woman empowerment, and diversity acceptance… But in the way we live our lives. People everywhere are realizing that they don’t HAVE to be unhappy, they don’t HAVE to live by societies rules, they don’t HAVE to do anything they don’t want to do. They are beginning to dress how they want, create what they want, choose better friends, break off damaging relationships, follow their passions, express their true feelings, face their fears, they are being inspired to simply BE WHO THEY WANT TO BE… they are living their best life.

How. Freaking. COOL.

I for one was a FOLLOWER for way too long. I hid my true self because my circle of friends & family thought I was weird for it. Until one day, I decided it was time I became my own leader and followed whatever path made me happy. If you know me ~ you know I definitely don’t live a traditional life. I took this life I have into my own hands and I wake up everyday HAPPY for it. It took time, tears, and a lot of relationships lost… But it was worth the love I have found for myself today. I too, am living my best life.

So I want to share with you my five tips to live YOUR best life. If you’re not there yet.. I hope these tips can help push you in the direction you need. I hope you can feel CONFIDENT in the changes you need to make to live your life on your own terms. And if you are already there, I’m so proud of you and I hope you use these tips as a reminder of how hard you worked to be where you are.

4 Tips to Live Your Best Life (2)

1 – Love Yourself

The most important step in living your best life, is to love who you are. You only live once (see what I mean) and what a waste it would be of your time on this planet hating what you can’t change. When you love yourself ~ you make better choices, you are able to GIVE more love, you believe in yourself, and you are CONFIDENT. Loving yourself is like having the superpower to be whoever you want to be. If you struggle with loving yourself, know it is possible to do so. It may take time (It took me a couple years), but if you begin changing the conversation in your head to positive instead of negative, if you start to notice every time you say something bad and switch it to something good ~ you will soon know a love like you’ve never felt before.

2 – Stop Judging

This tip is almost as important as tip #1. I’ve gotten to this point in my life where it’s like, as long as what anyone is doing isn’t hurting anyone…. WHO CARES WHAT THEY DO. People are so quick to judge who other people love, how anyone talks, what music people like, how they feed their family, what type of car they drive, how big their home is, and so on and so on… But why? It does not affect my life in any way, shape, or form if those two women love each other. So why would I waste precious time of my life being angry with them? When you spend your time judging others, you’re only hurting yourself. Why be upset when you can be happy?

3Stop Caring About Other Peoples Opinions

And as far as other people judging you ~ remember what I just said. Their opinions of you ONLY affect them negatively. Honestly… I feel sad for people who spend their days angry with me for.. let’s say – having tattoos. Because while I’m over here having the best day ever and loving who I am, they’re over there sitting around with their blood boiling over someone they don’t even know!! How is me having tattoos affecting their life? Oh right, it’s only affecting their life because they are CHOOSING to let it affect it. When you realize that other peoples judgements are more about them as people than they are about YOU… you stop caring. And when you stop caring, you can begin doing whatever makes you happy because you’re not afraid of what other people might say! And when you do more of what makes you happy ~ how could you NOT live your best life? Which leads me to my next tip….

4Do More of What Makes You Feel Good

Sounds easy, right? But most of us shy away from what makes us happy because we are fearful of judgment (refer to tip #2). Whether it’s judging us because what we enjoy is weird, or judging us because we may have “failed”, or judging us because it’s different… We let this fear overshadow the fact that it makes us happy ~ which in turn makes us unhappy because we’re not doing what we love. So it’s simple: Do more of what makes you feel good. Dress the way that makes you feel beautiful. Raise your kids the way that feels right for you. Be in a career that makes you feel accomplished. Eat things that give you energy. Listen to music that makes you feel powerful. Do your hair in whatever way makes you feel cool. Be friends with people who treat you right. Live in a home that gives you comfort. By combining all of these things together ~ you are living your best life.

5Appreciate Every Moment

Just by being alive ~ you are a miracle. The fact that we even get to have this life is truly incredible. Our souls have this opportunity to live in these bodies so that we can experience love, sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch… Each person is literally 1 in 7.5 billion. We are so lucky to have what we do. We are so lucky to have been given life. What are the chances of you being born? YOU specifically. It took 2 people from hundreds of years ago to make the choice to procreate for you to be created now. If even ONE person in that line were different, you would not be who you are. And to know that it can be taken away at any moment is more than enough reason to appreciate every relationship, every emotion, every meal, every time you open your eyes in the morning… the more you appreciate ~ the more you take from each moment ~ the more you notice the little things that could change your life forever.

Live your life for you. For you are the only one who lives it everyday.

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