NEW Blog: Sticking with Your Goals

It’s easy to set goals, right?

You get super motivated, with the best of intentions, maybe even write down a schedule or post about it on social media. Then you spend the next few days kicking butt and totally inspiring yourself.

But then one day gets disrupted by a bad day at work or a fight with your significant other or a night out with friends only to let that one day turn into a full blown domino effect and never return to finishing what you’ve started… I know this situation all too perfectly. From losing weight, to starting a business, to eating better, down to finishing a book.

What I’ve learned from these circumstances though is ~ it makes me feel like crap when I don’t finish what I’ve started. I fall into a deep hole of self doubt and disappointment. I know in my heart I can be better… Yet I can’t seem to make it my reality. The problem with setting goals is that we tend to try to bite off more than we can chew. We set these outlandish goals that not even someone with a team of people can accomplish.

We see the big picture and forget about all the small steps to get there.

Let’s say your goal is to read 12 books in a year. But life happened and two months have passed and you got so busy that you never ended up even starting that first book. So you look at the progress you still have to make plus the books you have to make up for and it all seems to daunting to even try to accomplish ~ so you put it off and put it off until it’s too late. 12 months have passed and you’ve yet to even finish one book. When if you had just focused on reading 1 book per month, a few chapters per week, you would have set yourself up for success. If you had just scheduled in 30 minutes a day to read and actually did it, it would have made the end result not look so scary.

That’s the trick to sticking to your goals, making the goal seem smaller. Because…. Those 12 months passed regardless if you were reading or not. But if you had read that 30 minutes a day, equaling just 2% of your day, you’d be done with 12 books by now and you’d be incredibly proud of yourself. Yet instead you’re feeling like a failure because you couldn’t muster up enough motivation to accomplish a goal that you set for yourself.

The thing about goals ~ is you MUST truly want it for you to actually achieve it. You must visualize yourself where you want to be. You must demand of yourself that you become the person you need to be to achieve your goals. You must schedule it in like you would dinner. We can talk all day about things we want to accomplish, but the ones who actually make it happen are the ones who truly wanted it. It can be hard to pull through, especially when lifestyle changes must be made. But if we remember to be patient and that in the end we’ll feel like freaking rockstars, we can begin to change little by little.

Beyoncé wasn’t made in a day guys.

One of my favorite ways to stay accountable is to grab a friend! One who will truly make you stick to your goals. Maybe even make a bet! But be sure to make one that you both can follow through on. If $1,000 is on the line, you bet your butt I’d be up every morning getting my workout in! Most of the time, we place more importance on being accountable to someone else rather than ourselves. You could always join an accountability group, wrap your colleagues into a challenge, or take a class where you must pass!

And please don’t let the fear of failing at your goals be a reason not to start. My favorite quote I’ve read recently is “done is better than perfect”. Was your goal to create a piece of artwork? Don’t stress about it being perfect, just get it DONE! Because in reality, it will never be perfect, but at least you can feel a sense of accomplishment and move into the next project. And now you’ve even had a bit more practice to make the next project easier.

Something you can do right now, while we’re here and feeling extra motivated to achieve our goals, is to prep for success!! Don’t rely on your future self to make it happen, set yourself up for a week of success. Write down small steps you can accomplish this week, meal prep so you don’t waste time or money deciding what to eat, even schedule in time for rest and relaxation. We all know we do our best work when our brains and bodies have rested. This way ~ when you’re in work mode – you’re in full blown work mode and when you’re in relax mode you can fully relax without feeling bad about yourself for it. Grab your journal and finish this sentence right now…

This week I will accomplish __________.

Now get to planning baby.

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