Blog: Follow Your Dreams

“Follow your dreams”

It’s what everyone says. It’s quoted on frames, written in text books, you can pretty much find it up on any coffee shop wall in the world. Its probably the most commonly expressed phrase ever to be created.
A phrase meant to keep us from settling. To take a leap. To have faith in ourselves and our big dreams. To give our passions a chance.

The endless stories of people who gave up their 9-5 to pursue some crazy venture that now has them living in a giant mansion traveling for a living. Or went against their family’s business to pursue their love for surfing and teaching lessons. People who gave up security to jump into the unknown only to find something much more valuablehappiness. They make it look so…. possible.
Sounds…. easy? Have faith in yourself? It feels so obvious.
Like, hello Jasper, why wouldn’t you want to follow your dreams?
If these people found riches and happiness just by doing what they loved ~ then i could too, right?
Unfortunately, as you probably know, it’s really not easy. At all.
It’s actually quite difficult. It’s scary, taunting, and down right stomach churning.
The negative thing about these stories are, you never quite hear what lead up to them. Did they really just DROP EVERYTHING?
You think to yourself,
“But I have kids, I can’t just up and move to Jamaica?”
“I’m already underemployed, I don’t have enough saved to just quit?”
Or really any number of things.
Personal responsibility tends to overshadow passion by far.
What no one, in my experience, ever really talks about though is the ‘in between’.
It’s always,
“I was homeless, but then I followed my passions and now I’m making 6 figures a year doing what I love!”
Wouldn’t that be nice!
If it were only that easy right?
But it’s not. It’s flat out, NOT.
Unless we come from money and are able to afford doing what are, at the moment, hobbies for a living, then how do you afford it at all?
How do you achieve your dreams if you are struggling to just make ends meet with a normal job?

Well, I’ll tell you the secret.

The secret behind the self made multimillionaires success.
That’s it. You just…. do.
We live in a world now of impatience.
There’s such a WANT for everything, but not a WILL to get there.
With everything, seriously. We’re impatient AF.
Have to wait 5 mins to sit down at the restaurant? Nope, I’m going somewhere else.
Have to wait till next week to watch an episode? Nah, I’ll find it leaked on the internet.
Have to wait 6 months before I start seeing results in my weight loss? Too long, I’m just gonna take a pill.
And I’ll be the first to admit to being impatient at times.
I have to wait thirty minutes for the sweet potatoes to be baked?!
There’s gotta be another way!!
In all seriousness, I get asked this question all the time,
“You’re traveling for years?! I want to do that, so how can I?”
And I tell them the truth. I worked really really hard, spent countless days crying, cut out pleasures like going out and shopping, stayed home when I really wanted to go to that concert or movie, got multiple jobs… I just worked, FOR YEARS.
You know what the biggest response is?
“Oh, it took you THAT LONG? I couldn’t do that it’s just too expensive ~ too much time.”
That is like nails on a chalkboard to hear… it breaks my heart. Knowing someone has this dream… but they’re not willing to put in the work to get there. Knowing they’re going to settle for less than what they deserve
But I knew I deserved more. I saw a goal, set a date, and freaking got there. It sucked for a really long time. I was tired and miserable, but you know what? I did it. And now here I am, seeing the country in ways I never thought possible. I started my dream business in less time than I would’ve being stuck working for someone else at the same time.
The thing is, most times life is hard and it sucks. There are plenty of times we wish we could be doing something different, but can’t because of our responsibilities. And most of the time, we’re doing the best that we can.
BUT, here’s the trick.

Dreams last forever, guys.


Just because you can’t right now, doesn’t mean you will never be able too.
With persistence, consistence, and confidence, you are powerful enough to accomplish any dream.
BELIEVE ME, cause you truly are. You are. And you are. And even you are!
It may take 1 year, it may take 5, heck it could even take 30 years! But if you don’t even try, then obviously you will never get there.

You can’t finish the marathon if you never take the first step.

You must make sure you do something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. that brings you one step closer to achieving your goals.
Whether it’s $1 that goes into savings, a 10 minute run, or enrolling in a new class, whatever it is to keep your passions alive, DO THAT. Keep them thriving so when the day comes that you are ready to start, you are already equipped.
Don’t sell yourself short because it seems impossible.

There are plenty of impossible things in the world that willing people made possible.

You just have to try first.
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