NEW WW – What Confidence Has Meant For Me

Confidence hasn’t really always been a trait of mine. I grew up extremely insecure. I was always interested in things that my friends didn’t like, which only made them outcast me even more. I was always told I was different for having brown hair, for liking punk music, and for not knowing how to ride a dirt bike. I didn’t understand why it was so weird for me to like the things I like, but my friends made damn sure I knew it.

I didn’t have the juicy sweat outfits, the expensive watches, or the nicer make up… Let alone did I really have any sense of style or knowledge of how to do my make up. Plus I was the girl who was so insecure she ALWAYS had to have a boyfriend to make her feel worthy. I craved to be like my friends. The ones who seemed so confident because they had nice things, cute boys following them around, and families who went on vacation all the time – only leaving me behind.

As I got older, I mistook confidence for nicer things. Which sent me into a world of debt and unhappiness. It took me a log time to realize this wasn’t the right way… That I was down a path of destruction. But luckily, I figured it out. And with this new found confidence I’ve changed my life in the best ways possible.

Watch my video below to see what confidence has meant for me and how YOU can stop living a life of insecurity to begin living a life you’re proud of.

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