Wellness Wednesday: Things Won’t Change Unless You Do

For most of my life, I’ve been a talker. All talk, never any action. I had so many goals, but I always had a hard time taking the necessary steps to achieve those goals. To the point where people around me started to get annoyed and my constant complaining for not being where I wanted to be in life already.

Until one day, I heard the quote, “Things won’t change unless you do”

Which got me to thinking,

I won’t get the body I want by sitting on it.

I won’t get the job I want by wishing for it.

And I certainly won’t get the financial stability I want by shopping everyday.

It took me awhile to really grasp onto my new lifestyle. I had to change many of my bad habits to start embracing the good ones. But once I did, everything changed.

Not only did my dreams start to become reality, but other aspects of my life simultaneously got better! I was happier, healthier, I had more energy, I began to attract better people into my life, I started to truly CARE about myself and my well being.

Watch my video below to learn how YOU can start changing little by little to create abundance in your life.


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