Blog: My Top 5 Inspirations

I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about the people who have motivated me to keep going on my journey, even though the cards are stacked against me. I don’t simply wake up every day motivated and energized… I require daily reminders of why I’m doing what I’m doing. Because it’s not easy… It’s not always easy to believe in yourself when you’re literally starting from scratch. I don’t know anyone who is interested in the things that I am, I don’t have a best friend who goes with me to all my fitness classes, or who bonds with me over my obsession with self help, or who I can talk to about all things Moon and crystals. My husband even thinks it’s weird that I’m saving up $6,000 to go to a Tony Robbins event. Everyday I do it alone, but at least everyday I do it. Because I know what I want and I know where I want to go and who I want to be. I work hard every single day for MYSELF because I believe that what I’m doing is my life’s purpose. But, I still couldn’t do it completely alone. I read many self help books, I listen to podcasts daily, and I’m subscribed to so many blogs I can barley keep up with my e-mails. So I wanted to share with you people whom I look up to, who I one day hope to meet.

1. Lori Harder:
She’s a big one for me. I started listening to her podcast about 2 years ago and I’m completely obsessed. The way she speaks so confidently in what she’s saying is incredibly inspiring. She had everything stacked against her in life from her weight, plus her family always telling her she’d never be fit, plus growing up in an extremely religious family in the middle of no where. But she knew there was something bigger out there for her and she chased after it with all her might. She dreamed of being a fitness cover model and was turned down for years and years before finally making it, only to be told they weren’t going to use her photos after all. But that didn’t stop her. She tried for years until she finally made it again, and actually made it multiple times more! She then discovered her passion for self development and started her journey to what is now her Bliss empire. She holds an event every year for women who are working to bust through their fears and find their tribe called “The Bliss Project”, has her own program called “The Bliss Habit” and even her own podcast “Earn Your Happy” where she interviews inspirations from all over the world. She is definitely my biggest inspiration of all, I listen to her podcast everyday while I workout and latch onto every word she says.
2. Tony Robbins
Where to even start with Tony Robbins? He’s been in the self development game since before self development was even a thing. He’s written 6 #1 bestselling books from topics of money to living your passions. He leads a yearly 6 day seminar where you discover how to break through that voice in your head and lead yourself into your own personal breakthrough so you can learn to strive in all aspects of your life. He also leads many other events that assist you in business training, leadership skills, and wealth mastery. A man who was once a tortured teen has overcome all obstacles life has thrown at him and went on to become the most powerful life coach there is to date. Anytime I listen to him speak I can’t help but feel empowered. His presence is so confident & assertive, it not only makes me want to be a better me, it makes me NEED to be a better me. If you have yet to watch his documentary about his event on Netflix, I Am Not Your Guru, go do yourself a favor right now and watch it. You’ll be more inspired than you have likely ever been.
3. Lorna Jane
The lovely miss Lorna Jane. A woman who started from nothing, only looking for a way to have cute clothes to wear while she taught fitness classes so she started embellishing bathing suits and leotards. After an abundance of women from her classes asking her to make outfits for them, she decided it was time to make this her business. She was the first to coin the term “Fashion Designer of Activewear” in 1989 and in 1990 opened up her very first store. She now has over 200 stores worldwide where she inspires women to live active lives in a comfortable cute fashion. The most inspiring thing about Lorna, is she’s a true badass. She works in her stores every single day and oversees all operations. She loves what she does so much that she’s not willing to put someone else in charge. When employees get asked if they’ve ever met her, they reply “everyday!”. Since opening her stores she’s won countless awards, designed a cookbook, and even wrote a book! She did what had never been done before and I look up to her for her unwavering ambition, dedication, and drive to make the world a better place. Each of her clothing items are even sewn with a little heart on the inside so you know it was made with love.
4. Gabrielle Bernstein
Spirit junkie, #1 bestseller, and world speaker. Gabby Bernstein is a spiritual powerhouse like no other. She is a certified kundalini and meditation teacher and she’s created courses that help empower people to live their life’s purpose. She’s been featured on Oprah, she’s a regular on the Dr. Oz show, along with countless other features including YouTube, CNN, NBC, New York Times, and Elle. Her life’s work is dedicated to assisting others to connect to their spiritual side and gain the confidence needed to pursue the things they truly want in life. She’s guided me into discovering what I really want from Be Confidently You and taught me to never give up no matter what. I search for her guest speaking on all podcasts I listen to because I love to hear the confidence in her voice and have faith in what she’s saying. I hope to make as big of an impact as her one day.
5. Brooke Castillo
Brooke is the founder of The Life Coach School, she hosts a masterclass, and has 2 podcasts “The Life Coach School” and “How to be a Life Coach”. Her words not only resonate with me so hard, but I can FEEL the truth behind them. She’s so calming and sure of herself you can’t help but attach yourself to every word she says. She prides herself in teaching the necessary tools to using your own mind to make your dreams come true. Her podcast is incredibly inspiring where she talks about topics of growth, confidence, and moving passed your fears. She hosts a yearly 6 day seminar where she teaches you how to become a Life Coach and start your own business coaching others while she coaches you at the same time. She strives everyday to help others and make an impact in their lives. I believe we need more Brooke’s in the world!!
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