Wellness Wednesday: It’s Okay To Say No

When I began my journey to my better self, I knew one major thing had to change: my fear of saying no. Being a people pleaser, I tend to say yes to whatever comes my way, not  really thinking about the way it will affect me negatively. And I know myself well, I have no self control. Especially when it comes to food. So I would often find myself out late at night eating poorly and drinking too much, only to wake up the next day feeling awful and waste what could have been a really productive day.

I knew that if I stopped letting myself get into these situations, I’d have more time for the things I truly value.

Reading, eating fueling foods, meditating, getting enough sleep, working out, you know, all the things that fill up your light.

I eventually got to the point where I realized it was OKAY to say no if it meant self improvement.  No one was going to be upset with me for it, and those who were obviously didn’t support me.

Watch my video about why it’s okay to say NO.


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