Blog: There’s Enough To Go Around

There’s been a time.. or two.. okay, MANY times where I’ve thought to myself,

“she’s already done it, so I can’t do it”.

Stemming from age 7 when she won first place, so I could never win first place.
Age 13 when she got the cute new shoes, so I couldn’t buy them now.
Age 19 when she got the promotion, so I could never get one.
Age 23 when she started a fitness business, so now there’s no way I could.

How can I be original if it’s already been done?

Here’s the thing: if it hasn’t come from YOUR mouth, it simply has not been done before.
YOU are what makes your idea original!

Now… There’s a difference between completely STEALING words from someone else’s mouth and being inspired to do it YOUR way… But I’m going to trust you already know that (;

There could be 5 million people following her and 500 people following you. Those 500 people following you may not have ever heard what she said if you didn’t say it yourself. They could have maybe missed the beauty of learning how to love themselves. They could have never learned that there is someone out there like them spending years thinking they were alone. Or maybe there are certain people who your words resonate with so hard that even if someone else had said it directly to them, they may not have listened the same.

Even words as simple as “you’re beautiful” will have different meaning coming from different people.

We all have something to say and we all have unique ways to say it. The way she explains confidence may be completely different than the way I explain confidence. Neither way being right or wrong, just different explanations. But these two explanations will help different people in entirely different ways.

No one is you. No one has your experiences or thoughts. You just simply cannot be replicated.

So I have this dream. To start a confidence business so big, that I could eventually amount to Tony Robbins himself. I know… BIG goal. It sounds impossible just typing it out. But it’s true. To be someone so inspirational, so outgoing, so incredibly powerful… It brings my body to goosebumps just thinking about it.
*cue inspirational music*

But if I were to force myself into a hole of,

“But he’s so great I could never be like him”
“He’s already influenced millions of people, how could I influence them too?”
“Why would anyone listen, he’s already said it better than I ever could?”

Then I would never really try… ultimately meaning I would never really know.

But what if the tables were turned. What if I completely 180’d and thought,

“What if I could be as powerful?”
‘What if people do listen?”
“What if I could HELP someone?”

With solely switching that view, I took it from “He did so I can’t” to “he did, so why can’t I?”

Know this: There will always be enough to go around. You can’t stop dreaming just because someone else has already dreamt it. You are original enough to put your own spin on things. You just have to believe in yourself enough to know that you can. You have to be… wait for it… CONFIDENT!

Let’s say you wanted to be the best violinist in the world, but there was already a best violinist…
What’s to say you couldn’t work hard enough to become the NEXT best violinist in the world?

Or the best hockey player?
Or the highest position in your company?
Or the fittest person?

The thing is, there’s no one saying you can’t, except you.
And maybe some haters, but you’ve already stopped listening to them, right?
Because you now have a new tribe to confide in. One that will cheer you on in your craziest dreams.
One that will be by your side through the tough times.
Because we believe in you. I believe in you.
I believe it’s possible to do anything, even if someone else has already done it.
I believe that’s even more of a reason to try!

A world of people confident in their wildest dreams is a world I want to live in.

Don’t you?

Go on, give yourself a shot.
You never know who will be listening, you never know who you might inspire.

XX (1)

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