Blog – I fell off track, what now?

First off,


Quit being so angry with yourself. Quit calling yourself weak or a loser. Quit telling yourself you can never accomplish anything.

Because you know what? NONE OF IT IS TRUE.

Our downfalls are the exact thing holding us together. Without them, the good wouldn’t look so good. Everything would be normal and mundane. Everyone would be perfect, therefore perfect wouldn’t even exist. As my digital mentor Lori Harder explains,

it’s your struggles that make you stronger.

Think about how much more proud of yourself you are after achieving something you once failed at. Knowing that you kept pushing even when you wanted to give up. Knowing damn well you could fail again, and that would be okay. That’s what confidence is all about. It’s about believing in your ability to succeed, no mater how long it takes. It’s about failing, and knowing you’re going to be alright.

Without failure, there could be no success.

So…. what now?

Forgive yourself. Don’t dwell on the fact that you didn’t work out that one day, or didn’t write, or ate some cookies. Just accept it, and start again. Don’t let one slip up ruin everything you’ve worked for. That one cookie won’t make you gain back all your weight or ruin your diet… Unless you let it. You could very well let that one cookie turn into 12 or that one missed workout turn into weeks. But why would you want to do that? Why would you let yourself down like that? You know you could easily pick back up again, but you must make the choice to do so. Because this is a lifestyle and there will be PLENTY of days in the rest of your life that you will eat junk food and miss workouts and not work, but it’s about what you do 90% of the time that matters. That 10% is saved for date nights, girls night, and vacations. Heck, you deserve to treat yourself sometimes! You just need to decide WHEN. If you know you’re going out of town Friday and you’re likely to eat everything in sight, cause duh, food! Then set up your Sunday – Friday with healthy meals, long workouts, and extra work so when the vacation comes you’re not left feeling guilty about enjoying your time.

Stop striving for perfection… it doesn’t exist.

When you focus so much on being perfect, you WILL let yourself down. There’s no way out of that. Because as humans, were just not perfect. We all have struggles, downfalls, and addictions. So if we put too much pressure on ourselves to be great all the time, we’re only going to lead ourselves down a path that ends in total chaos. It’s okay to have troubles and it’s okay to have bad days or even weeks sometimes. Because unfortunately, bad things happen in the world. It’s okay to let yourself be down for a little bit. But that’s it. Only give yourself a little bit.

Don’t let spilled coffee ruin what else has been a really good day.

Start over. Aren’t goals always more fun in the beginning anyway? That motivation and fire you feel when you start something knowing that great change is just around the corner! Grab a planner, write down new goals, even find out better ways to stick to your existing goals. Now that you know what didn’t work for you, use it as a lesson to not make that mistake again. Do this over and over until you’ve found what works for you and your lifestyle. Just because she wakes up at 5 am everyday to accomplish her goals doesn’t mean that’s what you must do! Trial and error are essential to achieving your goals.

Notice how you feel. Do you feel really down, depressed, and embarrassed when you’ve slipped? Or even physical pain as well, such as headaches, nausea, or exhaustion? I know I do. So much so that I cry and am often rude to those surrounding me. Remember this feeling when you go reaching for that extra piece of cake or feel to tired to workout or too lazy to create a piece of art or write a blog. Remember that you have the power to change how you feel, physically and mentally. Remember how you feel after a good workout, or a big salad, or after you’ve accomplished the work you set out to do that day. Those are the feelings that will get you through to the next day.

Focus on what you truly want. Are you doing it to feel good naked? Do you want to reach a certain mile goal? Do you want to make a certain amount of money? Own your dream house? Provide more for your family? Travel for a living? Publish a book? Whatever it is, focus on that with all of your being. Be the person TODAY that you need to be as if you’re already there. Don’t wait for abundance, CREATE abundance. Do one small thing every single day that leads you further toward the finish line. For me? I want to be a speaker like Tony Robbins. I want to help people overcome their fears and start living their life’s purpose. My small step today? Writing this post. It’s tiny in the grand scheme of things, but in 30 years, I’ll be so much further toward that goal because I took 30 minutes to write this today.

So go on. Jump back on that wagon. We’re all waiting for you, cheering you on.


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