Wellness Wednesday: Busting Through Your Fears

Are you letting fear be the driver of your life?

Are you just sitting back letting it make decisions for you, even though you know in your gut that they’re the wrong ones?

Well, it’s time to jump in the drivers seat and take back CONTROL.

For years, I let my fears embody who I was. I knew I was meant for something greater, but what exactly did that mean? I dreamt of helping others, of making sure people didn’t have to suffer the way that I did, of maybe making a difference in someone else’s life. But was I good enough? Would people listen? Would they think I was crazy? Would I FAIL?

These questions lingered in my head until one day, inspired by a friend, I decided enough was enough… That, ultimately, I was ENOUGH. If others could dream big then what was stopping me from dreaming even bigger? I jumped in front of my fears and went for it. I began writing, planning, dreaming, creating… Even when those knots in my stomach screamed stop, I kept going. I set an end date and told people about it to hold me accountable. I felt nervous for many months, but kept a positive attitude that everything would be okay, even though it very well could’ve gone negatively.

And guess what? I’m here. Aren’t I?

Living up to my life’s purpose. Sharing. Giving. HELPING.

I didn’t fail. No one laughed. I didn’t look stupid.

Actually… People CARED.

Watch the video below to learn how YOU can begin busting through your fears.

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