Workout: Lower Body #1

My first ever lower body workout is HERE!

This workout is one of my favorites for many reasons (I mean, who doesn’t love a good booty workout?), but one especially is the LOCATION! We filmed this right outside the Superstition Mountains in Arizona which are one of my FAVORITE places to hike! Just on the other side of the mountain range hides something incredibly special, so if you ever get the chance to hike these mountains, I recommend the Peralta Trail (be warned it is a bit of a tougher trail)! This trail has spectacular views all the way up and once you reach the top you are truly gifted for your hard work.

We met this shoot day with many challenges, but overall I think it came out really good. I’m still working on my cues, timing, and flow, but practice always makes progress and I think we’ve definitely been making great progress here. I love being able to grow throughout this journey and have you beside me, supporting & growing with me. Thank you for taking the time to be here and for choosing me to be your workout buddy today!

For this workout we go through an INTENSE warm up, followed by some amazing leg work that will have you feeling like jello by the end and we follow it up with a nice cool down. It’s so incredibly important to warm up and cool down when you exercise, not only to prevent injury, but to increase flexibility, improve posture, and have better athletic performance.

Enjoy your workout!!

Not into videos? Grab your printable HERE and take it with you anywhere you go!


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