Wellness Wednesday: Confidence is a SUPERPOWER

With confidence, comes success. Not the other way around.

So when we stop focusing all of our energy on trying to WIN, we can then dedicate that energy on trying to LOVE. The love I’m talking about here is the kind of self love that holds your head up high, encourages you to take new risks, and inspires those around you to find that same kind of love for themselves. This kind of love is simply called CONFIDENCE. With it, we can be anything we want. You know why?

Because we believe in ourselves.

We believe we can be President, or an actor, or CEO, or an astronaut, or in the circus! (Can you tell I just watched The Greatest Showman?) We believe we are capable and therefore we ARE capable! You go from UNQUALIFIED to QUALIFIED in just the matter of a mind shift. Confidence can raise you to the top, empower you to make difficult decisions, and give you the faith you need to stop worrying and begin accepting. Which is why I firmly believe, that confidence is a SUPERPOWER.

Learn how you can UNLEASH this superpower in my video below ❤

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