WORKOUT: Upper Body #1

Your FIRST upper body workout is HERE!! This workout gets your entire upper body worked in UNDER 30 minutes (:

Guys, looks like second time might just be the charm! This video is so much smoother than the first one. From transitions, to lighting, to wording, it all went SO MUCH better this round! Isn’t it crazy how just a little bit of practice can go a long way?

It got me thinking, there have been so many times in my life that I’ve been scared to try something new for fear of doing it “wrong”. That I would be judged or fail or look stupid. What if the people around me make fun of me? What if I put it out there and people hate it? But what I never stop to think is, what if they don’t? What if I try it and I love it? What if this becomes something I’m good at? I was nervous to go into my second round of filming because of how poorly the first one went. But I’m dedicated to this brand and knew I couldn’t give up just yet.

So we buckled up and got out there. Then, to our surprise, we got it done SO FAST! We knew what we needed, we knew what to film first and what to film last, and we knew how to avoid continuity errors…. All because we had just done it just ONE time before. This only further proves to me that no matter how intimidated you may be to try something new, if you just go for it then the next time it won’t be so scary!

I hope you enjoy your workout! Let me know what you think, I always love to hear suggestions of things I can do better. I’m here to grow and will need help to do so.

Download your printable version HERE!


Thank you for choosing to workout with me!

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