WW: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

On this weeks episode of “Wellness Wednesday”, I’m talking about how to STOP comparing ourselves to others!


With the up-rise of social media, we’ve become more and more exposed to people’s “lives”. The only problem with this though, is that we’re really only seeing the best parts. The best picture out of 100, the best thing they did that week, or pictures from the same vacation over and over again. Which leaves us in a constant state of scrolling and comparing. Constantly comparing our worsts to someone else’s bests.

Add that to a lifetime of comparison to our friends, family, and co workers, and we’ve got the perfect concoction for self doubt.

So… How do we stop this? How do we stop resenting ourselves and start loving us for who we are, flaws and all?

In today’s video I’m giving you 5 steps that I use in my daily life to overcome my struggles with comparison!

Thank you so much for watching! Remember, your story is unique and full of different successes. Don’t let your mind tell you you’re not good enough. The sun and the moon are both beautiful and they shine when it’s their time. So go on baby, SHINE!!!sun and moon

XX (1)

2 thoughts on “WW: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

  • Thank you for sharing this! I’m going to give these tips a try as this whole , not comparing myself to others thing, is something I really want to work on this year. It’s crazy how sad/bummed out we can feel when we compare ourselves to someone else we view as ‘perfect’.


    • Right? It’s like, why am I always looking at people as though they don’t have their own struggles? We all have worsts and we all have bests, but it’s having the ability to accept them both is what will guide us in the right direction! Happy to know I could offer some help for you to stop comparing yourself to others! You’ve got this!! xx, Jasper


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