CONFIDENCE: 30 Ways in 30 Days

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FREE Guide to help you bust through your fears so you can stop living in self doubt and start living in an abundance of self love!

These are my TOP 30 ways to start building confidence in the beautiful person you already are. So many humans are living in a negative mindset, never happy with themselves or how they look. Constantly comparing ourselves to others, beating ourselves up for simple mistakes, and picking out every negative flaw we see. Well it’s time we change the conversation in our head to a strictly positive one and take control of of lives!

After struggling with anxiety and depression for many years about the way that I look, I worked hard to lose weight. But after reaching less than 100 lbs, I still looked in the mirror calling myself horrible things. I quickly realized it wasn’t just about the weight, it was about how I saw myself…. I was unhealthy in my MIND.

Over the next couple years I worked hard to improve my mental state of mind. Reading many self help books, listening to podcasts, meditating, and performing mental exercises. I can now say with confidence that I have begun to overcome my self doubt and have started to love who I am.

I’ve taken what I learned and I’ve compiled it into 30 simple steps. Take this challenge and apply these exercises to your day to days and you will be sure to find success, self love, and happiness.

When you download, not only will you receive this guide, but I also designed a printable workbook to make every exercise easy to follow! All it takes is 5 minutes a day! You will also become a lifetime member of the Confident Crew!


Let me know how you’re taking the challenge by using hashtag #30DaysofConfidence on Instagram!! I hope this provides the motivation you need to jump start a new and confident you!!

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